Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Healing the Democratic Party

To heal the Democratic party, Biden must admit that if he prevails, it has come at cost of obliterating the hope many of us had for absolutely essential policies he has now dissed as extreme. He should assign people to study what got lost and to school him enough to appreciate 21st century needs.

Move left, not right, in other words. That's where the healing lies.

Otherwise, if elected without such expressed admissions, his desire to have been right will lead him to overly trust the positions he previously articulated as compass north. Cognitive dissonance will cause him to actively fight moving in the direction we must go for society to survive.

He needs to admit he doesn't have broad mandate behind his platform, he just has a scared populace who'll vote for the best ham sandwich running against Trump. We didn't suddenly see his light. We just seem to get no other choice.

To lead us, he must become us, not ask we become him.

Meanwhile, Climate respects only physics, not political compromise.

Meanwhile, too many will still endure the deadly gamble that is for-profit health insurance.

Meanwhile, students drown in the quicksand of student loans, and we are all poorer, but the banks.

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